Our Summer trip to Hill Close Gardens

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Last week saw our Summer pre-school trip to Hill Close Gardens in Warwick. Each term our children spend a day here learning and experiencing the great outdoors, watching the gardens change and grow throughout the seasons.

This visit the children experienced the arrival of Summer at Hill Close Gardens, and with the rain finally making way for some sunshine, the children were able to use all their senses to dive into the colourful world of secret Victorian gardens, miniature creatures and home grown vegetables.

Armed with their trusty magnifying glasses, the children got up close with the Summer visitors to Hill Close Gardens, noting the different insects and creatures they came across on their checklist. The magnifying glasses also gave them the chance to look at different flowers and plants in detail, and using other senses to explore varieties of plants and herbs.  

Back in the arts and crafts room, our explorers got the chance to create their own bugs in the form of colourful dragonflies, butterflies and fingerprint bug pictures to take home.

These trips to Hill Close Gardens are so important for our pre-schoolers - we watch as they inspire our children on every visit, sparking an interest in the outdoors, nature and gardening that they can build on at home. The children always love to take home freshly planted seeds, and with a little love and care, watch them grow into beautiful plants and flowers, just as we’ve watched our pre-schoolers grow and flourish over their time at Stepping Stones.

Images by Little Beanies

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