Hill Close Gardens

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

As always our first autumn term visit to Hill Close Gardens was a real treat for our pre-schoolers. They adjusted well to arriving in a new setting and enjoyed the activities laid out for us by the lovely volunteers at Hill Close. First off was a scavenger hunt to explore the garden spaces, looking for all sorts of autumn finds, including finding pictures of scarecrows hidden in the gardens. Then there was a series of craft activities where all sorts of treasures were created, everything from apple structures made from cocktail sticks and chopped apples, to autumn wreaths with fruit shapes and even making their own 3D apple trees. The morning ended with planting a crocus bulb to take home in anticipation of spring, sweeping up some autumn leaves and digging in search of worms in the children's garden. The children left with bags laden with items from the mornings activities. Our big thanks to Hill Close Gardens and the volunteers for another excellent session.

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