Woodland Tales at Claverdon School

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Before we broke up for Summer our pre-schoolers attended Woodland Tales at Claverdon Primary School. A take on the ‘forest schools’ outdoor learning concept, this session is a great way to learn about the great outdoors, develop key skills such as listening, teamwork and environmental empathy, as well as familiarising children with the school environment and staff.

This session the children listened to the story of a blackbird and robin, who start and finish each day with a song. Highlights also included finding a toad and building outdoor dens to play in. Once again, the children were armed with magnifying glasses, which they used to look under rocks and leaves and discovered all sorts of insects and creepy crawlies. Utilising their fine motor and imagination skills, the children were then tasked with using Play Doh and sticks they had gathered to construct various items they might come across outside.

Our pre-schoolers thoroughly enjoyed each trip to Woodland Tales last year and we look forward to taking our new group of pre-schoolers on a journey of outdoor discovery in the next few months.

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