Support in other ways


We are very grateful to our generous donors who support us with gifts of products or services which make a huge difference to our organisation every year.  


If you are interested in learning more about helping Stepping Stones in this way, please contact Hannah or Rachel.


Need to get fit but still looking for the motivation?  Or always had a yearning ambition to parachute out of a plane or abseil off the top of a skyscraper but need some inspiration?  Look no further!!


If you would like to participate in a local 5K, sit in a bath of beans or hurtle yourself towards the ground attached to some bungee cord, we have sponsor forms, ideas and all the advice you need for you to raise money for Stepping Stones whilst fulfilling your lifetime ambition.  Just contact us for a chat or some further information.


On average, UK companies donate a total of around £420m to charities every year.  Locally, more and more organisations are looking to organise charity volunteering days as a new alternative to more traditional team-building activities


Increasingly, companies are enjoying the benefits of developing a partnership of mutual benefit with a charity.  Benefits include:.

  • Better brand recognition

  • Positive business reputation

  • Increased sales and customer loyalty

  • Operational costs savings

  • Better financial performance

  • Greater ability to attract talent and retain staff

  • Organisational growth


If you work for a company that runs a Charity of the Year scheme, payroll giving or any other kind of charitable programme, or you would like to find out more about partnering with Stepping Stones, please contact Hannah or Rachel.