Welcome back!

September 1st and we are all busy getting ready for the children to return, there was planning to be done and lots and lots of things to set up. As the clock struck 3 we were ready, the hall was full of exciting and fun activities and the garden was just waiting for the running of tiny feet and the squeals of laughter that would soon be heard. September 2nd here they come the clock struck and the first beaming faces arrived at the door waiting in anticipation as to what lay ahead. We had great pleasure welcoming back all our Butterflies and caterpillars some who we had not seen for a very long time and although they had grown in not just height but confidence they were still as eager as ever to have some fun whether making ice creams in our ice cream parlour or fishing in our ocean tuff tray and of course telling us all about the things they have been doing during the holiday. Over the next few weeks we will be welcoming back activities such as French,Yoga and Coolsportz which we are really excited about but most of all we look forward to meeting and welcoming our new Butterflies and Caterpillars and we can’t wait for them to join in Love, Laughter and Learning.

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