Stepping Stones Community Sunflower Project

Back in April we asked for your support with our Community Sunflower Project. We were blown away with all of your support and nearly 100 sunflowers were sown by the children at Stepping Stones Preschool in Claverdon. The Sunflowers were then wrapped up and labelled and then they were collected or delivered to everyone who entered.

Over the next couple of months we all cared for and watched our sunflowers grow. Some more than others!

In July we set out our challenge for everyone who wished to take part. The categories were:

· The Tallest Sunflower

· The Biggest flower

· The Wonkiest Sunflower

· The Most Well Cared for Sunflower

Thank you all of you that sent in your photos and your sunflower measurements, we hope you all had as much fun as we did growing and caring for them.

After all the entries were in, we had clear winners for each category.

· The Tallest Sunflower – was won by Lottie whose tallest grew to 2.12m high!

· The Biggest flower – was won by Harry whose flower was nearly 30cm wide!

· The Wonkiest Sunflower – was won by Adinah as you can see it was very bent.

· The Most Well Cared for Sunflower – was won by Gracie who watered her sunflowers every day, made sure they were supported, and used copper tape to protect them from the snails!

Thank you so much for all your support, we managed to raise just over £200 for the Pre School. The money raised has been used to buy a knights castle and lots of figures.

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