Spring, dinosaurs, music and more!

As the new half term began the beautiful sight of spring flowers appeared everywhere. In the hall however the thunderous sound of large feet and the terrible sound of roaring could be heard as the Dinosaurs were back. Stood high on volcano’s and trapped in green gloop they waited for the children. Young Palaeontologist’s explored with brushes and magnifying glasses to reveal dinosaur skeletons and bones. Fossils were our next discovery, small hands pressing Dinosaur skeletons into clay and with wonderful results. Finally, one of our two-year-olds made us smile, when informing us the meteor came from the sky and hit the ground with a big bang. What a little superstar.

The children are beginning to discover the wonderful world of music not just playing but listening and dancing to it. Introducing them to different genres where we can allow ourselves to let go and express ourselves, particularly finding and keeping in time with the rhythm is a valuable part of every child’s development. From Classical to Contemporary we have enjoyed them all but Jess Glynn’s ‘Gave me Something’ is fast becoming the new favourite. Over the next term we will continue our musical journey tapping rhythm sticks to syllables and pulse, being conductors and singing our hearts out.

St David’s day came, and daffodils were the order of the day with some beautiful art work by the children. Mother’s day cards are being secretly made behind closed doors. What a busy half term so far and its about to get busier as all our children return after lockdown ready for Love Laughter and Learning. We are so excited to see them all again.

Finally, we would like to say a huge thank you to our committee and parents for their continued support and of course to our fantastic children who arrive with a smile on their faces and a desire to learn every day.

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