Outside Art

In the last week of term we took inspiration from the seasonal flower installation ‘Seasons’ at Compton Verney by British artist Rebecca Louise Law. A breath-taking display which takes you on a journey through the seasons using over 250,000 preserved flowers. We have used flowers and plants foraged from our own wildflower bed which we planted earlier in the year, as well as pinecones, pieces of bark and tree branches from trees within the garden to create our own works of art outside.

Pinecones have been adorned with ox-eye daisies and clover flowers, creating little sculptures. Branches have been strung together, interlaced with fern fronds, grasses and swiss chard stems. Pictures of trees have been constructed using pinecones, rose petals and box stems. Our children have been utterly absorbed creating their designs with full artistic freedom, enjoying the three- dimensional feel of their creations and the opportunity to forage for their materials.

We have planted new ‘bee bomb’ seeds in our wildflower bed to enable new plants to grow to replace those we have used for our art to support the local wildlife and future art creations when we return in the Autumn.

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