Isaac the Very Helpful Hedgehog

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

At the end of last week we welcomed current, new and prospective parents to a coffee morning and as parents conversed over refreshments, the children delighted in decorating their own biscuits. 

Isaac the Very Helpful Hedgehog story book and the small world soft toy tray, has created some wonderful opportunities for discussing autumnal changes and harvest. Children alongside parents, carers and staff, have delighted in arriving laden with bags brimming with autumn finds. These treasure are providing golden opportunities for small world play, counting out, weighing, sorting and sensory play, investigating textures and colours. 

Collaging a shark has been a collaborative project undertaken in the last few days at the craft table, where there has been plenty of scissor work practice, cutting out pieces of coloured paper and gluing and sticking them onto the shark.

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