Homes around us

This week we've enjoyed exploring the homes around us. Carefully investigating the homes of the minibeasts, finding centipedes, woodlice and spiders. Counting legs, watching ants marching and spiders hanging from webs. Amongst the sound of bees buzzing, there has been the sound of hammering, as the children have been engrossed in large scale construction.

We have created our own construction site outside, using sand, soil, bricks and wood to build structures. Bricks have been stacked, transported and built into walls. Sandcastles have been moulded and squashed. Building tools have been examined and manipulated. Nails hammered and wood stacked.

We've been equally busy inside too creating homes for our small world farm animals and making dinner for baby in the home corner. Nests have been constructed in playdough to home the baby crocodiles and to keep the bird's eggs safe. Next week we are looking forward to extending our play creating campsites with large cardboard boxes.

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