Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Children have been delighted to find and harvest some tomatoes from our vegetable bed and spot some courgettes swelling in size with the frequent rain showers. Other animal visitors to our garden have shared our delight, finding, and beginning to nibble away at, our home grown produce too! 

Our trip to church on Monday to celebrate Harvest Festival was enjoyed by all as we joined together with others in the local community to sing harvest songs. "Big Red Combine Harvester" and "Picking Up Conkers" are Stepping Stones autumn favourites and the pre-schoolers were able to present these confidently, with accompanying actions, to the congregation. The children made us proud behaving beautifully and being keen to listen and join in with the activities in the service. 

Thank you to the parents and carers of the Stepping Stones community who donated non-perishable food items and nappy supplies for Coventry Tots. Stepping Stones children were able to place these in church to be transported on to help those in need.

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