Enjoying the outside and playing greengrocers

We've been creating outside art this week, making our own paint, painting a large mural as a team and using natural materials to mark make. We've been noticing repeating patterns in nature and re-creating them, counting petals and spikes, spotting circles, spirals and ovals in the garden and constructing our own sculptures. The wind has blown and the rain has fallen, but we've been cosy and dry in our outdoor gear. Catching rain drops and feeling the breeze through our hair, watching the leaves fall from the trees and dance along the ground. It's also been a week of investigating vegetables, enjoying reading Olivers Vegetables together and identifying all of the vegetables he dug out of Grandpa's garden. A greengrocer's shop arrived and the children were utterly engrossed in laying out the vegetables, counting and pricing them and selling them to each other. Play soup was made and enjoyed, our toy farm animals were fed and; leaves and stalks weighed and measured. It's been a busy half term exploring the world around us, loving the adventures, laughing with our friends and so much learning.

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