Dinosaur land small world

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Play this week has centred around dinosaur land small world. Children and staff have been keen to share their knowledge of dinosaur names and diets, there has been lots of discussions around dinosaur body parts, "sharp teeth, long claws, pointy scales" and how dinosaurs lived, with the making of dinosaur habitats both indoors and out. Dressing up as a dinosaur was a highlight!

Music and movement on Thursday focussed on keeping a pulse when tapping sticks together and thinking about which way to move our sticks, sideways, up or down, fast or slow? Children enjoyed following on from this activity with a sound activity, discovering how different noises were made by either tapping, rolling or rubbing their sticks across different surfaces. Everyone had their favourite sound, loud, quiet, soft or noisy!

In the garden we have started to see signs of the summers end and our sunflowers planted by the children at the end of the spring term are in full bloom. Children have painted and chalked to create their own sunflower pictures, capturing the colours and shapes in art form

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