Colours of the Rainbow

‘It’s green!’ ‘It’s orange’ ‘I’ve made pink’ so much fun exploring the festival of Holi through colour mixing inside and out. Flowers and traffic lights, team games outside, even eating a rainbow, the importance of the colour around us. Our on-site sandwich shop was opened with giggles and so much concentration, very proud children as they presented their independently constructed real sandwiches. Picnic play continued, exploring quantities and sharing, pizza pieces and cake slices, apple halves and orange segments. Great demand from a variety of customers, proving particularly popular with our resident farm animals and baby dolls who all enjoyed many healthy meals.

We investigated sequences in our Cool Sportz activities; and counting syllables during our phonics sessions. We’ve been honing our singing and signing too, making Silly Soup to practice our rhyming; and listening, lots and lots of listening. Walking round the hall, dancing to the beat, clapping for a syllable and stomping with our feet.

Visits from Noah’s Story Box for the story of the Missing Sheep, re-enacting the story by ‘Going on a Sheep Hunt’ round the hall and the telling of the Easter story was met with enthusiastic participation by everyone. Hills were climbed, rivers swum, prickly bushes avoided and the sheep found, phew!

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