Welcoming our new starters

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Welcoming our new starters, making new friends and getting to know each other has been fun. Everyone has been keen to talk about what they did on holiday.  Beach holidays have been relived with magnetic fishing games, seaside themed small world toys and sand and water play, both indoors and out. Sand has also proved a very popular material for the construction site and vehicles, scooping with excavators and filling up dumper trucks and cement mixers. This Monday saw the first session for pre-schoolers in room 3 and 4. They all adapted well to the new environment and routine, enjoying conversations and playing together. At the craft table mark making and scissor work was a chosen activity for several children who produced beautiful portraits of their parents and even some sea-life creatures such as jellyfish! We look forwards to starting French and Coolsports in the next two days and Wholesome Hedgehog yoga next Tuesday.

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