The Deep Dark Wood

This week we’ve been exploring in the deep dark wood, making dens for fox, nests for snake and a whole variety of homes for the mouse. Gruffalo has been to tea with the dolls, played hide and seek with the children and very much enjoyed story time. The children have been in their element, spending lots of time creating homes for everyone.

We’ve had an energetic week of work outs too, with yoga, lots of music and movement and a very interesting adaptation of curling with Cool Sportz. Flags have been lovingly created and waved, ribbons twirled in the sunshine and sensory play has been enjoyed by all. Play dough squished, clay moulded, spaghetti mushed, paint swirled and sequins scattered.

In-between all of the action, we’ve taken time out this week to explore and understand feelings, help the Colour Monster feel lovely, practice our relaxation breathing and remind ourselves how to be a good friend and the importance of good mental health.

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