Summer Term has begun!

The Summer term has begun with a host of celebration, we’ve welcomed new children and continued our action-packed adventures, laughing with our friends and so much learning. St George’s day an opportunity to turn the clock back and gallop into our past of knights, castles and even a few dragons. Castles have been designed, walls built and fortresses invaded. We’ve been galloping on our horses in the garden, enjoyed re-reading one of our favourite stories about Zog and learning about our Royal family. Anzac day was an opportunity to practice remembrance and the festival of Eid Al Fitr completed our exploration of Ramadan.

The sun has come out and we've enjoyed giving the garden a well deserved tidy, marigolds planted, weeds identified, holes dug and plants watered. The sensory border has sprung into life and we have all enjoyed the scent of the herbs and the touch of the fern's fronds uncurling. The wind added extra fun to our bubble play and the children thought the blossom fell like snow. The children added ribbons and wind catchers to the tree, along with a new fairy garden under our Cherry tree. Still so much play and fun to be had this term!

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