Spring Time

What a wonderful start back after half term. Chatter and laughter as friends re-united and we welcomed a new pre-schooler to our setting. A change of month and season meant lots of discussion with the calendar and plenty of singing our ‘Days of the Week’ song, with terribly catchy lyrics sung to the tune of The Adams Family. The start of March also meant a time for celebration.

St David’s day was a blaze of yellow daffodils, dragons and flags. With lots of tipping, mixing and giggling, flour, eggs, raisins, butter and sugar were transformed into delicious welsh cakes for sharing at home. The smell of baking filled the hall and lunch was eaten with great enthusiasm. Such care was taken exploring the spring blooms, each part of the daffodil carefully found and named; and then captured with paint, paper and pencil, a treasure for our Spring mural. And of course we didn’t forget about Shrove Tuesday, having fun making our own paper pancakes and flipping them in pans, before sensory play with flour making our own very messy fun.

A visit into the local mobile library began a week of literary fun. Cries of ‘so many books’ and ‘this is amazing’ could be heard as children entered the special van and took in the unique surroundings. After looking all around, books were carefully chosen and scanned out by the children, then brought inside to share with their friends. This year’s World Book day was celebrated with the welcoming of parents and grandparents to share a story with us in our very own Stepping Stones library. After making our own library cards, choosing books and then scanning them out, we sat down to listen to a variety of wonderful stories, including a very special edition of the Gruffalo, written in the wonderful Scottish dialect of Dundonian, learning about Moosie and the Gruffalo.

Next week we are continuing to enjoy our own library, with the addition of an international book café as well as enjoying the start of spring both inside and out.

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