So many celebrations this week...

So many celebrations this week, we all enjoyed Burns night on Tuesday, designed our own tartan, found Scotland on our map of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and listened to a poem by Robert Burns. The children were fascinated by the globe and UK map and spent considerable time colouring each of the constituent countries as we talked about them. As we talked about where we all lived on the map looks of amazement and shock were a-plenty we they all discovered we all lived on the same area of the map. We then jumped over to Australia Day on Wednesday and discovered the unique flora and fawna to be found, we really liked watching the kangaroos jump and then practising our own moves. This week was also filled with birds as we found out about our native British birds in readiness for Birdwatch weekend. We made nests inside and out, homes for snails, even a beehive from hexagonal folded paper strips. The toy bees then enjoyed being flown round the hall before being carefully nestled into their own paper honeycomb.

Bird feeders were made, feathers floated, measured and described. Dinosaurs were excavated in the garden and eggs hatched. The feeders will be hung in our trees ready for enjoyment by our feathered friends.

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