Luna New Year

This week has been filled with tigers, telephones and telescopes. The Lunar New Year arrived and we had fun flying to China, serving noodles with chopsticks, writing numbers in mandarin and counting with pandas. We all loved it being the year of the tiger so after enjoying listening to A Tiger Who Came to Tea, we made tiger faces, drew and painted tigers which led to a safari park being created. Walkie-talkies and telephone tubes were used with delight, inside and out, with lots of fascination over the use of the tubes.

Baby dolls and dress up took centre stage in the home corner, the dolls all enjoyed lots of exciting activities with the children and sat with them at group time as we talked about their care and had a fun game of what’s baby doing?

Phonics sessions were particularly popular this week as we made Silly Soup together, practicing our rhyming and identifying the odd one out. It inevitably lead to many readings of Oi Frog, Oi Cat and Oi Dog which we all love to read and enjoy together.

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