I wonder....

I wonder….so many questions, so much exploration. What happens if I turn the handle on the spinner really fast? What if I can't reach to add another block? What happens if I push this paper on top of my painting? What happens if I clap my hands? What is inside a pumpkin? So many magical moments as discoveries were made. Every day an adventure filled with awe and wonder, living in the moment and enjoying the small things. The heavy rain outside brought in a guest, and caught with care there was fascination all round as we admired the number and length of the spiders legs as he scuttled around. We made our own play dough spiders with their very own furry pipecleaner legs and even dressed up as a spider. It progressed to a halloween scavenger hunt in our garden and a hunt for dewy webs. A tower built from foam bricks was the catalyst for a journey into team working and recognising our own and other's talents and strengths. The wonderful magic moment when a child realised her friend is taller and can reach further to add blocks to an all ready tall tower to make it even taller for her. The delight and joy as they celebrated their very tall creation, the cheers as they knocked it down together to immediately re-build again. Paint in a salad spinner is a wow with every child as they take it in turns to choose which primary colours to drip in before adding the lid, gripping the handle tight and spinning the lid as fast as they can. 'It's green!' 'can I make pink?' 'ooo that's brown!', adding in the option of white and black for another go and we're quickly surrounded by their efforts, a galaxy of painted planets drying, everyone unique just like the children.

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