Forest School Fun Day

It rained, it shone, it rained again, but fortunately the clouds blew away and we enjoyed a whole day of Monday forest fun. Waterproofs and wellies, woollies and windcheaters. Whatever the weather we were ready. Armed with scavenger bags, we visited our local woodland area and collected a plethora of natural treasures to share and enjoy together. The mud kitchen was filled with the scent of herbs and spices, ground and sniffed, stirred and mixed as we made our own smelly paint. Pine needle branches became brushes and slightly weathered paper became masterpieces as each unique paint was added. Clay faces were constructed, pine cones became a nose, sticks became eye brows and stones used for anything and everything, the different shapes and colours representing the children’s imaginations. Gladioli bulbs were examined and carefully planted, snug under compost and moss. Bird’s nests were made from sticks and hay, moss and stones; all the while children chattering as they shared their fun together. Plant pots decorated and treasures made we all enjoyed stories of woodland animals at the end of an action-packed day. It may not have been the day as originally planned, an off-site trip to Hill Close Gardens, but we invited our own woodland magic into Stepping Stones and enjoyed the wonder of natural world outdoor play.

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