Exploring Maths

Cubes in yoga, washing socks, picnic play, play dough and gloop, a perfect week for exploring the principles of maths. Pairing and pouring, passing and playing. Picnic food was halved and shared, socks were counted, matched and paired, washed, rewashed and washed again. We've had so much fun even the animals joined us for a safari picnic. Sand, water, foam, jelli baff and cereal, lots of messy maths and discovery, exploration of capacity, circumference and shape, fun and play, chat and laughter. Watching the children's fascination and concentration in their play, and so much opportunity to encourage sustained shared thinking.

Outside, we've been going on an egg hunt and we're going to find a big one! so much fun and giggles finding the eggs our Easter Bunny had hidden round our garden. The sun has shone and the mud kitchen has been in full use, eggs added to concoctions, nature providing lots of materials for the children. Running games have been a favourite too, playing chase and what's the time Mr wolf. Bees' have begun to appear outside and prompted lots of play, creating hexagon homes inside and flying fun outside.

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