Down on the Farm

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

We've been down on the farm this week. It's been a busy week of very enthusiastic weed clearing, tidying, digging and soil preparation by the children. They were then surprised by the appearance of a small farm one morning. Each day this week animals have been fed and watered, fed herbs from the garden and water collected from the water butt. Pigs were treated to many mud baths and the sheep given daisies for treats. Straw and pinecones became animal beds and the farmer's fields have been ploughed and dug over, planted with all sorts of crops. Stick enclosures assembled, animals sorted, counted and herded; and new animals added. It's been wonderful to watch and listen to the exciting adventures happening. Small group readings of the Gigantic Turnip prompted lots of discussion about alternative words to 'gigantic' resulting in lots of creative suggestions and laughter. Being down on the farm has given us many opportunities to share our existing knowledge with each other and have lots of fun.

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