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Stepping Stones Community Sunflower Project 2021

This Spring, we are spreading a little bit of sunshine by planting and growing our own sunflowers and we'd love you to join in!

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It's been a tough year for everyone, and this Spring we would like to spread a little bit of sunshine around our community by planting sunflower seeds for you to grow at home. Our aim is to bring the community together by watching and enjoying our sunflowers grow over the next few months.

We will be sharing growing tips along the way and would love you to share photos of your sunflowers growing with our community too. 

At the end of the growing season, there will be various prizes for the tallest sunflower, the wonkiest and the largest flower.


The children will be planting the seeds at the end of April and the pots  will be ready for collection (or delivery if required) at the beginning of May. 


Orders for sunflowers are now closed. Make sure you are following our Facebook group for tips and tricks and to share updates and photos. 


As a not-for-profit organisation, we rely on fundraising to support the purchase of any play equipment at Stepping Stones. We are incredibly grateful to everyone for their ongoing support, especially during the last year which has been incredibly challenging for everyone.


Growing tips and tricks

Planting your sunflower out

Your sunflower is now ready to plant into your garden.  If you are not in a position to transplant your sunflower just yet please make sure you water it so it doesn’t dry out in its pot. Ideally place it outside somewhere in the sunshine.

Your sunflower is tied up with a stretchy reusable tie. This can be used when your sunflower has grown to attach it to a support. So please keep it somewhere safe.

Choosing your spot 

We would love it if you can, to plant your sunflower somewhere where others will be able to see it once it flowers. However, the most ideal spot is in a sunny position with well drained soil. When your sunflower grows it may reach 1.8m+ so a spot which also allows you to provide it with support is also a good thing to think about.

If you don’t have anywhere to plant your sunflower in the ground you can also grow them in a pot, although make sure you use a big enough pot to potentially support a 1.8m sunflower.

More than one sunflower

If you have more than one sunflower and are planting them together please ensure there is at least 60cm between your plants.


Dig a hole slightly bigger than your pot, carefully remove your sunflower and compost from its pot and place it in the hole. Either cover it with extra compost or spare soil and gently pat down. Water your sunflower.

If you think your garden is home to lots of slugs and snails it may be a good idea to protect your sunflower from them. There are lots of natural ways you can do this, crushed egg shells are one of my favourites. If you resort to using slug pellets I would advise using ones that are not going to affect the other animals that may eat the dead slugs and snails (birds and hedgehogs).


It you have any questions please feel free to ask them on our Facebook page.

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